Original Oil on Raw Linen

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When I started working on this painting I never could have imaged how festive it would become and then to be completed just before Christmas was the cherry on the top.

My dear friend Margo and I were just about to start a three day hike on Rakiura (Stewart Island) when this beautiful Tui flew in on the top of a ponga fern. He sat there all puffed up with the pleasure of sunlight on his wings, bringing to the fore his true colours often not seen under the shade of trees.
The ponga with its dying leaves of rusty reds against the olive and lime new growth, gives me that sense of Christmas. A tree adorned with decorations and the Tui embellished with the fern like pure white feathers at his throat.

A wonderful hike in glorious sun and snowflakes, made for memories the two of us will share forever.
That’s what friends are for.

‘Nga mihi e hoa’ Thanks my friend.

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Small paper print 25 x 17.8 cm, Large paper print 41.5 x 29.6 cm, Canvas roll 45.5 x 32.5 cm