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It was early one morning while hiking (or tramping as it’s known in New Zealand) when I captured this beautiful image on Whananaki South beach in Northland.
Sitting on the horizon lays Tawhiti Rahi Island and Aorangi Island which are the main two Islands which make up The Poor Knights. To the right are two smaller Islands, the High Peak Rocks.

I love the way the tide recedes quickly to leave wonderful reflections, gone in a heartbeat.
Replaced by another fluffy little wave.

“Leave only footsteps they say”, they wash away.
The ocean may take your careless rubbish left behind but eventually you will pay.
Imagine the beaches if we all turfed our trash.
“Treasure our homeland”.

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Small paper print 29 x 18.1 cm, Large paper print 41.5 x 26 cm, Canvas roll 25 x 40 cm